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As you are aware i recently had two wisdom teeth removed by you and your team. The procedure was managed in a calm and professional manner, i was a little nervous about the operation but i was in safe hands. Your team made me feel at ease and called me after to ensure i was ok and healing correctly. I have no hesitation in recommending you and your team for any dental procedures.

Miss. P. SarathaPattukottai

We have both been patients at thanjai dental for approximately ten years and find the experience friendly, relaxing and very professional. The team of dentists, hygienists and hospital staffs do an excellent job in looking after their patients.

Mr. Jaganath & Mrs. RaniThanjavur

I was told at another dental clinic that all my top teeth needed to be removed and i would need to wear a denture for the rest of my life. Being in my 50's and in good health it meant that this would be my lot for many decades. After wearing an upper denture i found it to be very obnoxious. They looked unnatural and fake. I heard about implants and was referred to dr.rajmohan. He explained my options and we decided to work toward implant retained bridges that were permanent and acted like my own teeth and my smile is back and natural. I am grateful for the kind and professional work received at thanjai dental centre.

S. SubramaniumThiruvarur

The first thing i noticed about Dr. Rajmohan was his uncompromising commitment to excellence. I have not been disappointed. When i arrived in Tamilnadu my teeth were a disaster. I had seen four other dentists in both in Mumbai and Montreal and was in despair of keeping my teeth. Through his dedication and skills he and the specialists he draws to him managed recreate my original teeth and give me a new lease on dental health without resorting to dentures. I am both thankful and awed by what he has created. Dr. Rajmohan is an exceptionally gifted man.

Mr. David FrithCanada

They are very professional and polite. and would love to share my views here. I am visiting Dr Rajmohan for the past 4-5 years, whenever i come to India. As person with week dental Gene and sweet tooth, i have been to many dentist, in USA and India. Dr Rajmohan is surely on the top of my list. I like his professionalism. I got the same level of service like the one i received in USA, for a fraction of the cost. Also i have to mention that the cleanliness of his equipment and the clinic. They are on par with the other top dental clinic in USA. (In few cases it exceeds. Yep some bad dentist are here in USA too). I would recommend him to my family and friends in a heartbeat.

MuthuKumaran VeerasamyUSA
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